Brief Story

As far as I remember, the idea of travel has always awakened a profound part of my being and made vibrated some indomitable inner dreams. I came to Earth with feet to walk on its paths and a host of senses to feel its beauties.

Nomadic way of life never was a condition but a conviction.

I studied anthropology for five years to satisfy my curiosity about the world. The human beings fascinated and intrigued me so much ! It was for me a learning period which had perfume of a initiation. I discovered my own humanity with humility and a love even greater for what We Are.

I sharpened a anthropologic eye I'm not able to close anymore.

After few months in Brazilian Amazonia for my first ethnographic research, I remember being home, obsessed by the next departure somewhere, anywhere. Universe apparently heard me. I ignored my life was about to change radically soon.

A new chapter of my life. Blank page.
I didn't hesitate a long time before taking my backpack and hit the road...

Finally I was experimenting the life I dreamed for so long ! No plan. Free to fully experience the world, with no other purpose than to live, explore, learn, create and share.  Following the wind, listening to my heart and my instinct guidance to choose my way, step by step ; day by day.

During the winter, my path drove until Portugal and I've been catched by wonderful meets, the magic energy of Sintra, the sweetness of Lisbon, the power of the wind and the ocean...

Here, where "the land ends and the ocean begins", I've find a home.
Let's say I have here my base camp.
Home are everywhere... 
And the journey is not stopping for sure !


For me"to travel" shouldn't be only a consuming act, but more a state of mind our humanity needs to develop - in sedentary and nomadic lives, here and there -in order to help us to find ourself and evolve in an harmonic way during the time we have on this planet ; don't you think ? ... OMG this first sentence was long as f***k... Sorry for that.  

I am for slow travel and using the words of Franck Michel I would add we can't expect to meet essence of a land and its people without :


"allowing time to infuse in the society"


That's what I'm doing  in Portugal,  like a little tea bag in a big mug 🙂

It's why it's mainly about this country I will write for the moment but, in the same time, none boundaries in this world could stuck my writing or my adventures for eternity somewhere.

I can't stop hitting the road again.


The 6th Degree of the Traveller...

You know what I'm talking about ? Many people know and experience the first degrees but not so much live the last one. I will write something about it soon 😉 . 

So I hope you will enjoy the experiences and places I gonna share with you guys, according to my futures travels and personal discoveries - trying to give you my tips, favorite places, observations, feelings and thoughts - with good vibes. I hope to give useful advices for your next adventures but also feed your own thought about the way you see and live the Travel with a little or a big "T" !